Top 5 Places to visit in Boston with a Charter Bus


From classical colonial wonders to mesmerizing picnic spots, Boston will always fascinate you. And with a charter bus, your trip is going to be more fun while offering you a lot to explore in the historic city of Boston.

So let’s have an overview of some of the best places you must visit on your next charter bus trip to Boston.

1.  Freedom Trail

You can visit about 16 historical sites while walking along this 2.5 miles Freedom Tail. Starting from Boston Common, it takes around 90 minutes to walk through this trail, ending at USS Constitution Museum.

However, if you want to have a thorough tour of these historical places, it might take a day. So a charter bus would be a convenient option. Some of the places to visit on the Freedom Trail are Park Street Church, Benjamin Franklin statue, Old Corner Bookstore, Old State House, Old North Church, and a few others.

2.  Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Initially built in 1742 by a slave merchant named Peter Faneuil, Faneuil Hall has a historical background in US history. It served as a meeting place in the times of the Revolution and later turned into a vast marketplace.

The current Faneuil Hall Marketplace refers to Quincy Market, North Market, and South Markets. There you can have lunch from food stalls and shop for some lovely jewelry or clothing items and visit the museum on the top floor.

3.  Fenway Park

Fenway Park is always on the list of sports lovers who visit Boston and ordinary people who are barely interested in sports. The historical stadium established in 1912 attracts tourists to catch glimpses of this place.

This most beloved ballpark of America has a low seating capacity. That’s why the tickets ran out way too quickly.

4.  Boston Common and Public Garden

Boston Common and Public Garden is filled with various types of plants, natural scenes, fountains, water ponds, and lots of other alluring sights. The garden was established in 1873 and is considered to be America’s oldest park.

Whether you visit it in summer, spring or autumn, Boston Garden never fails to amuse the visitors with breathtaking views. You can rent out skates for the Frog Pond or have a ride on the famous Swan Boats, first launched in 1877. The garden proves to be pure joy for all nature lovers across the globe.

5.  Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Considered to be the 14th largest art museum globally, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is a place worth visiting. Besides admiring the art, you can browse the bookstores, boutiques, dine-in, enjoy some art performances or watch a film. That’s pretty cool, right?

There is pretty much to explore in the museum, from ancient Egyptian history to Asian art and the recent American wing. Besides that, various musical instruments, paintings, photographs, jewelry, contemporary art, and much more are in the Museum of Fine Arts to keep the visitors hooked.  

If you are planning a charter bus trip to Boston, these are some of the places you should not miss at all. Covering these places means you have viewed most of the tourists’ spots in the city. So book your ride now!

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