How To Plan Your Sports Team Travel


If you are the Athletic Director or in charge of travel for your school or sports organization, and
your sports team travels to other cities to play in different sporting competitions, you already
know how difficult putting together a trip can be. With that said, here are some things you need
to consider when planning a trip.

How Will You Get There?
Most of the time when traveling with your sports team, you will be traveling to neighboring
cities or states that are only a few hours away. In this case, the most economical mode of
transportation will be via a charter bus. Nationwide Bus Charter specializes in bus charters and
can help arrange buses for your trip anywhere in the US.

Some Things To Consider
When planning travel for your sports team, you are first and foremost going to need to get a full
headcount of who will be traveling. This is not just players but coaching and support staff as

Depending on the sport that your team plays, you are going to want to let your travel company,
such as Nationwide Bus Charter, know how much equipment and luggage you will be taking
with you. If you are a soccer team, you may not have much equipment in addition to your
luggage, but if you are let’s says, a hockey team, you will have considerably more equipment
and luggage that needs to be accounted for so that the appropriate vehicle can be utilized for your

Emergency Contacts
You are also going to want to get emergency contact information for everyone on your trip in the
event that there is an emergency.

Detailed Itinerary
If your sports team travel is also going to be for an extended period of time, you will also want to
provide everyone on your trip, staff members back at school, your families, and the teams you
are scheduled to play, with a detailed itinerary of your trip. Providing a detailed itinerary will
allow everyone to see where you will be at all times during your trip. This is helpful in the event
there are any delays on your trip and plans need to be re-scheduled.

Let’s Get Your Sports Team Travel Planned
Now that you have a few tips on what you will need to take into consideration for your sports
team travel plans, you need a partner you can trust to arrange the trip for you. Nationwide Bus
Charter and its team are ready and waiting to help you plan and arrange your sports team travel.
We are experts in putting together bus charter travel plans for sports teams all over the United
States. There is no job that is too big for us to handle.

You can reach out via phone at 800-439-2015 or you can visit our website

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