Written by NBC Editorial on September 23, 2022

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Atlanta

Time to sprinkle some stardust in your lives. Plan a jazzy yet fascinating activity-filled charter bus trip to Atlanta—a city filled with the hustle and bustle and never-ending spots for sightseeing.

While booking a charter bus tour can be overwhelming and a bit rushed, not with our list of best charter bus tours around Atlanta. Keep reading! 

Charter Bus Trip- An Ideal Way to Explore Atlanta in a Day

Here are 4 fabulous spots you shouldn’t miss out on when enjoying a charter bus day trip in Atlanta. 

Georgia Aquarium

Want to witness the delights of the underwater world? Georgia Aquarium is one place you shouldn’t miss on your charter bus Atlanta trip. It boasts 70 different habitats, six galleries, and gazillions of sea animal species. There are dolphin shows and an exotic 3D wonder show, all about how to preserve and protect animals.

World of Coca Cola

Who doesn’t love a sip of the world-famous beverage? And then you get a chance to visit the world of that drink is like a wish upon a star come true. The world of Coca Cola is all about the precious formula and thousands of campaigns conducted by Coca Cola. A visit you shouldn’t be missing.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is one place where you can relax, learn, and enjoy simultaneously. Housing thousands of plants, including unique species, is a wonderland for any plant lover. There are themes for the park, and you can witness some gigantic, elegant exhibits to add a touch of additional delight. 

The Atlanta History Center

If you are a history buff, the historian in you needs to visit this place. It houses the history and the role the land played in shaping today’s America. You can find candid details about the movements and struggle for rights this land saw. You can also enjoy the traditional culinary delights.

Charter a tour around Atlanta today and soak in the city with all the delights!

Article written by NBC Editorial

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