Written by NBC Editorial on September 24, 2022

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Richmond Virginia

Richmond, Virginia, is an old city with everything from impressive parks to wild trails, fascinating gardens to exciting recreational activities. With so many travel opportunities around Richmond, there is no excuse not to explore this beautiful region. Charter buses offer a great way to get around and explore the town. 

Ready to explore Richmond, Virginia? Hop on a charter bus and take the scenic route to one of these top destinations.

3 Must-Visit Places on Your Charter Bus Day Trip Around Richmond, VA

1. Pocahontas State Park 

Pocahontas State Park is an incredible place for all age groups and types. It has it all—biking, hiking, fishing, camping, and the sky’s the limit. With no storage of exciting recreational activities, this park also offers a blend of scenic views and wildlife, allowing you to capture natural beauty through your camera lens. Visit the park in the evening to enjoy picturesque sunset views.

2. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an attractive place for tree huggers and gardeners. This garden has a plethora of beautiful plants and flower species, including spiky cactus, palms, lovely orchid houses, and alluring 60+ rose varieties. In addition to the impressive flower garden, tree houses are the cherry on top and are a fun factor for kids.

3. Rafting Adventure at James River 

Ride a rubber boat in gushing white waters at James river while sighting jaw-dropping scenic mountains and blue sky. A fun place for every level of adventurer! Get on a charter bus, stop at the James River, and enjoy a thrilling water rafting ride with your friends or family.  A memorable outdoor experience with an action-packed adventure and hassle-free fun. 

Ready to get on board? Book your private charter bus now! 

Article written by NBC Editorial

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