What Amenities Are Available On A Bus Charter?


You would be surprised to know how many amenities are available today on a bus charter to make you as a passenger feel comfortable. Whether you are taking a long trip or a short day trip, today’s bus charters are packed with comforting amenities.


Probably one of the most important features of a long-haul bus charter are bathrooms. Bathrooms have been around for a long time on bus charters but they make a world of a difference especially on long-haul trips. Having bathrooms onboard a bus charter limits the number of times a bus has to stop to allow its passengers to use restrooms at rest stops and cuts down on travel time.


Something most people cannot live without these days is fast access to the internet. Having WiFi onboard your bus charter will certainly make your passengers happy. Having access to WiFi for the duration of your bus charter will allow your passengers to get work done, catch up on emails, message family members, watch movies, etc during the trip. Most importantly it keeps your passengers entertained and happy.

USB Charging Ports

What good is having WiFi is you can’t use it because your devices are dead. Having USB charging ports onboard your bus charter allows your passengers to make sure their devices are fully charged at all times. You can plug your mobile phone, tablet, 

eReader, or gaming device into a seat back USB charger to keep your device juiced up the entire trip.

Large Comfortable Seats

Many people think that just because they are going on a bus charter that the seats will not be comfortable. That is quite the contrary. Seats found on bus charters are very comfortable a plush, many times also offering a footrest along with plenty of legroom to stretch your legs. The seats oftentimes also will recline for some extra added comfort and room.

Entertainment Systems

Something that’s been around on bus charters for the past decade or so are Entertainment Systems. These systems are usually comprised of several televisions mounted throughout the bus hooked into a video system that will play movies and or television shows throughout your bus charter trip. Entertainment systems provide a nice way to keep your all of your passengers comfortable and entertained for the duration of your trip, especially those who do not have a personal entertainment device such as a iPad, eReader, or gaming device.

Want to know more? Contact that team at Nationwide Bus Charter to find what amenities will be available on your next bus charter. The team can be reached at 800-439-2015 or on the web at www.nationwidebuscharter.com

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