The Positive Environmental Impact of a Bus Charter


The Positive Environmental Impact of A Bus Charter

Now more than ever, people are talking about the severe state of the global environment and how global warming is affecting the planet, pollution of our oceans are at the risk, wildlife is being adversely affected, and on and on it goes. Everyone wants to do something to help the environment, even if it’s something small, any act of environmental friendliness is better than nothing. Well, do you want to make a BIG impact? Charter a bus. Charting a bus from a bus charter company like Nationwide Bus Charter can make a BIG impact by helping take up 56 cars off the road with a single trip! That’s a huge impact! Here are 3 other ways a bus charter can impact the environment in a positive way.

Fewer Cars on the Road

When book a bus charter for your trip you are potentially taking up to 56 cars off the road and replacing them with one bus charter. That’s a big impact! Less cars on the road means less air pollution, less of a carbon footprint, and everyone’s favorite, especially if you are in a hurry to get to your destination, less traffic on the road. Not to mention, the fewer cars that are on the road, the less chance of someone having a motor vehicle accident, which can also potentially save lives. 

Less Air Pollution

Replacing up to 56 cars with one bus charter that can hold up to 56 passengers significantly reduces the amount of air pollution caused by those 56 cars had everyone passenger taken their own car on a trip.

A bus charter will also send out the least amount of CO2 per passenger mile than various other forms of transportation. If there’s any doubt in your mind about the greenest way to drive, let us assure you – booking a bus charter is the best route to take.

Less Consumption of Fossil Fuels

The math is very simple. Replacing 56 cars with 1 bus charter is obviously going to yield much less gasoline consumption. In fact, a bus charter with 56 passengers aboard and full of luggage, can get 5.5MPG on your trip. While that does not sound like a lot compared to the US national average of 25MPG for a car, that’s only 1 bus charter at 5.5MPG vs up to 56 cars at 25MPG. It’s clearly more efficient to go with a bus charter if you are interested in consuming fewer fossil fuels to help the environment. 

Are you ready to make a huge positive impact on the environment? Give Nationwide Bus Charter a call today to book your next bus charter and help save the plant. You can reach us at 800-439-2015 or on the web at to make a reservation. 

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