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Are you considering your ground transportation needs due to a big event that you are planning for a large group of people? If you are considering planning a wedding, corporate function, or even a birthday party, then you have likely thought about how you will get you and your group will get to and from your event. When you are planning your ground transportation needs, a mini coach bus rental may be exactly what you need to make everything run smoother! Choosing the right mini coach bus rental requires a little bit of research and planning, and we're here to help! Here are five steps on mini coach bus rentals that will help you for your next event:

1. Understand more about mini coach bus rentals.

When choosing to go with a mini coach bus rental, it's important to understand its features and amenities, to determine if this is the right type of vehicle for your event. Mini coach buses tend to seat a maximum of 35 passengers. These mid-sized vehicles offer many of the same amenities as a charter bus, including, extra legroom, comfortable and luxurious seating, PA system for playing music or making announcements, large, tinted windows, and luggage storage. Mini coach buses do not typically have an on-board restroom, and other amenities, such as WIFI, outlets, and TVs may need to be requested at the time of your booking. Mini coach bus rental companies will usually have a trusted driver that will charter your event, ensuring that your passengers arrive safely, and on time. We always suggest asking about the details of your mini coach bus features, and driver, before booking any reservations.

2. Do research on mini coach bus rentals available in your area.

Planning events are a lot of fun, however, managing your budget is equally important. You don't want to over-extend yourself and your budget by over-spending on your event. One area that you can help shave costs, is by researching your mini coach bus rental options, so that you can get the best rate. We recommend by starting off with contacting a few mini coach bus rental companies in your area to get an idea of their services and pricing. Prior to contacting the mini coach bus rental company, you'll want to have a strong idea of your number of passengers, and any specific needs that they may have, so you may share those details with your mini coach bus rental company. When you provide the details to your mini coach bus rental company, they will be able to help you decide on the type of coach bus rental you may need, along with any special amenities. Be sure to ask more questions about their price match guarantee, or any special offerings or discounts they may be offering at that time to their customers.

3. Calculate your budget for your mini coach bus rental.

Each mini coach bus rental company will be different in the services and features they provide to their customers. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you find out if your quote from the mini coach bus rental company includes the driver, fuel, insurance, and more. While we always recommend that you have travel insurance in place in case something goes wrong during your trip - you also want to make sure that your mini coach bus rental is insured, and the driver is insured as well. These are important details to ensuring that your mini coach bus rental goes smoothly.

4. Choose your mini coach bus.

The hard part is done, and you've now acquired a list of mini coach bus rental companies that you are interested in possibly proceeding forward with - so now it's time to select the mini coach bus. Some mini coach buses seat a little more than others, so once you have decided your head count, along with all the features you're interested in, and have considered the price that the charter bus rental company is charging, you can identify the right mini coach bus, and company to go with! To help you with choosing the right company as well, make sure that you spend time researching their online reviews, and asking questions about their processes and cancellation policies.

5. Book your mini coach bus rental as soon as possible!

The sooner you reserve your mini coach bus rental, the easier it will be to secure a spot for your date. If you are looking to book your event during a peak season, we highly recommend trying to secure your mini coach bus rental 3-6 months in advance. If it is not during peak season months, sometimes booking 1-2 months in advance will suffice. While last-minute bookings may be possible by your charter bus rental company, it can be more costly, and stressful to try to take care of transportation right before your event. Depending on the charter bus company you've selected, you may only need to place a deposit to secure your mini coach bus rental. Either way, we suggest giving yourself some peace of mind by securing your mini coach bus rental as soon as you are able!

Choosing a mini coach bus rental company is very similar to choosing a charter bus rental company. You'll want to make sure that you have a good understanding about the details of the mini coach bus, the rental company, any price match guarantees or special discounts they are offering, and details about your driver. By gathering this information and obtaining quotes from various mini coach bus rental companies, you can give yourself the best rate possible. We always suggest booking your reservation as soon as you are aware of your event details, to give yourself the best chance at availability as well. Are you ready to decide to book with us? Please give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 or complete a free quote form online to get an estimate on your mini coach bus rental reservation by email. 

Article written by NBC Editorial

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