Five Reasons Why a Charter Bus Rental is the Way Best Way to Travel

Nationwide Bus Charter 5 Reasons Why a Charter Bus Rental is the Best Way to Travel

Are you considering which mode of transportation you’d like to use to get your destination? There are so many options – from flight, to train, or even hopping in a van, and doing a road trip. One big way of travel that isn’t often discussed is to travel by charter bus. When you’re considering new places to explore, a charter bus rental is simply the best way to go. Not only is it affordable and convenient, but it also allows you to travel with a group of friends or family members, together, safely, and with less restrictions. We have the top five reasons why traveling by charter bus rental is the best way to travel.

Save Money on Travel with Charter Bus Rentals

You’re probably wondering…exactly how much does a charter bus rental cost? We have some good news! It’s typically a cost-effective way to save money on your overall travel expenses! This is great news for the budget-conscious traveler! Typically, charter buses are often cheaper than other forms of transportation, especially when you’re traveling as a group. With a charter bus rental, usually, you have the cost of the driver, gas, tolls, and insurance and more included in the cost of your trip. You also don’t have to worry about paying for extra luggage nor do you pay extra to get on board faster. Depending on the bus rental company, you may be able to even bring your own food and drink to enjoy, instead! All these tips are helpful in saving you money and ensuring that you can travel safely as a group to your destination. 

Each charter bus rental company is different, so when you’re considering which one to go with, our biggest tip, is to make sure that you shop around! Charter buses can come in a variety of sizes with various amenities and different guarantees. Ask about any special discounts that the charter bus rental company may offer for student, military, seniors, and more. Ever better – be sure to ask about a company’s price match guarantee, like we have here at Nationwide Bus Charter. Be sure to ask what is included in your rental, and if there are any additional costs that may apply. We also recommend checking their online reviews to ensure that they are a reputable organization. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to securing a charter bus rental that is comfortable, smooth-sailing, and most importantly – affordable!

Secondly, charter buses often offer more variety and flexibility than other types of transportation, so you’re able to get the best possible trip without having to worry about limitations or restrictions. And finally, charter buses often have much better amenities than other forms of transportation, which means that you’re able to enjoy your trip completely without having to worry about basic needs like food and shelter. So if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to travel, charter bus rentals should definitely be your top priority.

Charter Bus Rentals Offer Comfortable Travel Amenities 

Have you ever ridden in a regular bus? They usually have hard seats, big windows that you can’t cover, and limited options to make your ride comfortable. With a charter bus, you have so many more options! Charter bus rentals gives you many comfortable amenities and options to ensure that you have a pleasant ride to and from your destination. 

First, let’s talk about the type of buses you may have to choose from when trying to get a charter bus rental. If you’re traveling with a large group, between 49 – 56 passengers, you may want to consider using a charter bus, also known as, coach bus. These are generally large, extremely comfortable buses that have numerous onboard amenities. Some charter bus rental companies also offer mini charter buses, which is more ideal for groups up to 35, in case your group is a little bit too small for a standard coach bus. You can also choose to do a party bus rental which give you extra amenity options, such as neon lighting, we bars, and more. Some charter bus rental companies also offer limousines, sedans, and sprinter vans as options to get you from point a to b.

With all these types of charter vehicles available, you’ll want to ask your charter bus rental company which amenities already are included in the charter bus you’re choosing, and which ones can be added for an additional cost. Sometimes, features like leather seating, electrical outlets, TVs, PA systems, and more, may not be included as a standard feature, but could be provided to you, upon asking. Typically, most charter buses will have air conditioning / heating, deluxe surround sound systems, comfortable seating, more legroom, larger windows with curtains, and more, making your ride as comfortable as possible!

Personalize your Travel Experience with Charter Bus Rentals

One great benefit of using a charter bus rental to travel with your group, is the ability to fully personalize your trip! We think that’s kind of a big deal! Gone are the times where you must adjust your plans based on what other companies or modes of transit have already put in place. When you choose to rent a charter bus, you’ll have the flexibility to decide when you travel, where you travel to, and how long you’ll be there, among other, customizable aspects of your trip.

If you decide to travel by renting a charter bus, usually the charter bus rental company will assign you a representative who will be there to help you through planning your entire trip. You will discuss your itinerary with your rep, and they will be sure to discuss where you are going, how many stops you may need, if you’re looking to do this as a one-way trip, or overnight, and how long you’ll need to be at your destination. One great benefit of using a chartered bus rental service, is that you’re being chauffeured, so once your itinerary is set in place, you get the peace of mind in knowing that your driver already knows where they are heading, and the best, and safest route to take you there. 

Travel Locally with a Charter Bus Rental

Charter bus rentals are an excellent way to take a large group to and from a local event or competition together. Your local charter bus company will know the area well and will use a certified driver to get you to your destination quickly and safely. If your trip needs are only one-way, round trip, or even overnight, you can have a driver, and your transportation fully taken care of, through a charter bus rental service company.

Charter Bus Rentals are Great for Last Minute Bookings

Oops! Something happened and now, you, and your group of 30+ people are left wondering how they’re going to get to their destination. You’ve planned this months and months in advance, and now, everything is extremely expensive. What are you going to do? This is where, renting a charter bus can actually be beneficial for you as a last-minute traveler – accidental or not!

We’ve already talked about how a charter bus rental can be a cost-effective way to travel as a group. What we didn’t discuss is the importance of your timing when booking a charter bus rental. Ground transportation, usually follow the same peak and off-peak season as any other mode of transportation. It’s important to recognize this and plan for it, when you’re traveling. If you happen to get into a situation where you need a last-minute booking, charter bus rentals can often be the ideal solution to that problem.

Choosing a nationwide charter bus rental company to service your chartering needs is the perfect route to take when you’re in a bind and need to book something ASAP. More times than not, the cost for your last-minute booking, will likely be less than other forms of transportation. Availability is often not an issue either, unless you’re trying to book something during peak season. Be sure to check with the charter bus rental company you’re booking with, to see if any added fees will be charged for a last-minute booking. 

With so many reasons for groups to travel throughout America, a charter bus rental is the perfect way for you to travel together. Be sure to shop around for the right charter bus rental company, so that you have a easy and fun experience. If you’re ready to book us with, give us a call at 1-800-439-2015, or use our free cost calculator to calculate the cost of your trip.

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