The benefits of choosing a luxury charter bus rental

When planning a group trip, transportation is often one of the most important considerations. While
there are many options available, choosing a luxury charter bus rental can offer a wide range of benefits
that other modes of transportation simply cannot match.

Here are some of the top benefits of choosing a luxury charter bus rental:

Comfort: Luxury charter buses are designed with comfort in mind. They often feature plush, comfortable
seating, climate control, and other amenities that can help make the journey more enjoyable.

Convenience: Luxury charter buses offer door-to-door service, which means that passengers can be
picked up and dropped off at their desired location. This can be especially convenient for large groups or
when traveling to a remote location.

Safety: Luxury charter buses are built to meet rigorous safety standards. They are often equipped with
the latest safety features, such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, and advanced airbag systems.

Entertainment: Luxury charter buses often feature on-board entertainment systems, such as flat-screen
TVs, DVD players, and premium sound systems. This can help make the journey more enjoyable and
provide a fun way to pass the time.

Productivity: Luxury charter buses often have built-in Wi-Fi, which can help passengers stay connected
and productive while on the road. This is particularly useful for business trips or when traveling with a
group of students.

Customization: Luxury charter buses can be customized to meet the specific needs of the group. This can
include adding extra amenities, such as a bar, kitchenette, or restroom, or customizing the interior to
reflect the brand or theme of the group.

In conclusion, choosing a luxury charter bus rental can offer a wide range of benefits for group travel.
From comfort and convenience to safety and entertainment, there are many reasons why a luxury
charter bus rental may be the best choice for your next trip. By working with a reputable charter bus
company, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable transportation experience for everyone

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Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around

Famous for California’s Disneyland Theme Park and many other stunning attractions, Anaheim has a lot to offer its tourists for a day trip. Wondering what are some best charter bus day trips in and around Anaheim? Below is the list of top Anaheim’s day trips. 

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trips from Anaheim

Hollywood, LA Beaches, and Filming Location Tour

Get on a charter bus to experience the beauty of the top sights of the city where you can visit famous movie and TV locales, including the Hollywood Sign, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood’s Walk of the Fame, the Sunset Strip, Griffith Park, and Beverly Hills. Must-see attractions for Hollywood fans and production enthusiasts.  

Los Angeles Sightseeing Trip 

Explore top attractions in Los Angeles on a charter bus day trip without worrying about driving and parking. With a Los Angeles day trip, you can explore thrilling adventures like hop-on hop-off tours, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, farmer’s market, and more. 

Catalina Island Day Trip

Spend a joyful day away from the hustle and bustle of city life on Catalina Island. With its splendid beaches, rolling hills, and calming atmosphere, the island offers you a picturesque destination. You can enjoy a panoramic tour of Avalon, visit the historical Avalon Theater, and experience the magnificent views from the top of the hills. 

Disneyland Resort Trip

Spend a fun family time at Disneyland Resort where you can visit many iconic attractions and enjoy unforgettable entertainment. Explore famous Disney characters and make the most of your Anaheim vacation at Disneyland Park. 

To make your Anaheim day a breeze without spending huge bucks, make sure to book an affordable charter bus rental. Visit Nation Wide’s website for reasonable charter bus tours or calculate your trip’s cost using our free cost calculator

Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Bridgeport, CT

A classic example of New England charm that enjoys all four seasons, Bridgeport, Connecticut has it all from stunning seaside views to historical museums and seasonal entertainment. If you happen to be in Bridgeport during your trip to New York, don’t forget to visit these places for your charter bus day trip in the city. 

3 Top Charter Bus Day Trips around Bridgeport, Connecticut

Discovery Museum

A must-see attraction for families and science lovers where you can explore exciting exhibits with interactive experiments. For example, Science in Flight allows you to become a scientist by participating in activities like building your own rockets and using flight simulators. The Hall of Space lets you travel through space. What more? Enjoy a tree-climbing adventure at Adventure Park, right outside the walls of the museum. 

Beardsley Zoo

Get a chance to meet over 300 animals in the Beardsley Zoo. Tigers, spider monkeys, sloths, and you name it, this stunning zoo is packed with fun while offering you an easy walkable experience with its divided sections. 

Seaside Park

A beach lover? Hit the Seaside Park when you’re in Bridgeport to bask in the warmth of the sun, enjoy beach volleyball with your friends or family, or have fun sailing and kayaking. Spread on 325 acres, this park boasts crystal-clear beaches, smooth walking paths, lush sports fields, and plenty of space to stretch out. Looking for the best charter bus day rental in Bridgeport? Nationwide Bus Charter will make transportation the least worry for you. Use our free calculator to calculate your trip’s cost or give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 for more information.

Top 4 Day Trips Via Charter Bus in Aspen Colorado

Famous for mountain resorts, crystal clear waters, and stunning sceneries, Aspen, CO has a lot to offer to nature lovers throughout the year. If you’re in Aspen and considering a charter bus day trip to get around the town, the following are a few attractions and activities you don’t want to miss. 

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips in Aspen, CO

Aspen’s DarkSide Ghost Tour

Chartering a bus is the best way to get creepy in the small town of Aspen. A professional guide will help you uncover the town’s dark history and past of ghosts while you plunge through the shadowed streets of Aspen. Enjoy a scarier experience by visiting Aspen’s most haunted places. 

Maroon Bells

Located 10 miles southwest of Spen, Maroon Bells is a must-see attraction in the town. Two Maroon peaks of the Maroon Bells offer picturesque views. The stunning reflection of the views on the freshwater of Maroon Lake adds to the scenic beauty of the mountains. Enjoy a pleasant walk on the lakeside trail while seeing breathtaking reflections and lots of colors. 

T-Lazy-7 Ranch

A must-visit place in any season. T-Lazy-7 Ranch offers its tourists a lot of summer activities, including fly-fishing on the Ranch’s private ponds and horse riding through the magnificent Maroon Creek Valley. For winter enthusiasts, the ranch offers a stunning snowmobile tour where you can experience splendid views while learning the history of the ranch. 

Independence Pass

One of the most scenic mountain roads in the USA that passes over the Continental Divide between Aspen and Leadville, at 12,095 ft above sea level. Drive this road for an enthralling experience while enjoying stunning views along the way. 

Visit our website to book a charter bus for your day trip in Aspen or give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 for further details. 

Top 4 Day Trips to Do Via Charter Bus
in Boca Raton, FL

If you’re in Boca Raton and want to explore the neighborhood on a day trip via a charter bus, then below are a few attractions and activities that you shouldn’t miss. 

1. Delray Beach 

There‘s a lot to explore in Delray Beach which is home to numerous outstanding beaches, lush gardens, and historical buildings. Book a charter bus trip to the town to explore its top eateries, taste the delicious local cuisine and beverages, and learn about the city’s culture and history.

2. Lion Country Safari 

If you’re a wildlife or animal lover, then Lion Country Safari is a must-see attraction for you. This safari park in Palm Beach County is home to 900 wild animals, including lions, ostriches, giraffes, rhinos, and zebras. Loin Country also allows you to enjoy an enthralling Drive-Through Safari of around 45 minutes while viewing the stunning lands of Africa and South America. 

3. Loxahatchee Everglades Tour 

Located around 60 minutes drive from Boca Raton, the Loxahatchee Everglades airboat tour allows you to experience the wonders of the Everglades and enjoy the stunning views of wildlife while gliding over the River of Grass. Book a round-trip charter bus to Loxahatchee and spend a full day in the community while enjoying an airboat tour and exploring other entertainments like biking, hiking, fishing, and more. 

4. Mizner Park

Be ready to enjoy the trio of shopping, dining, and entertainment at Mizner Park in the heart of Downtown Boca. The park is home to the magnificent Boca Raton Museum of Art, a movie theater complex, and an outdoor amphitheater. You’ll love its tropical garden vibes and delicious cuisines at the restaurants located in Mizner Park. Want to book a charter bus for a day trip to Boca Raton? Nationwide Bus Charter lets you book charters of any size or type at affordable places. Visit our website for further information or call us at 1-800-439-2015 for any queries.

Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh is a beautiful city that gives you a lot of fun things to do and beautiful places to sight. If you are looking for an exciting day trip, then there are plenty of options that you can explore in Raleigh—road trips, hiking trails, and enjoying scenic views to name a few. 

With the best charter bus trips in and around Raleigh, North Carolina, you can explore the area with ease and comfort. 

3 Must-see Places on Your Charter Bus Day Trip Around Raleigh North Carolina

1. JC Raulston Arboretum 

Founded in 1976, the JC Raulston Arboretum is one of the most gorgeous and diverse floral gardens in Raleigh, NC. This fascinating garden is filled with tons of gorgeous plants, trees, and flowers. 

JC Raulston is home to blue baneberry perennial, golden chain tree, twisted ton agave, and you name it. The moment you step into this botanical garden, you are surrounded by exquisite sceneries, the refreshing aromas of natural flowers, and spectacular landscape views.

2. William. B Umstead State Park

If you want to enjoy the wilderness and get out of the city for a little while, William. B Umstead State Park is your place. The oasis in this park offers an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life while allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Spending a few hours in William. B Umstead State Park will give you an opportunity to explore some of the most scenic trails and do a bit of fishing or boating. Go for a bike ride or horseback ride and enjoy some recreational activities that can’t be found at one spot in any other place around Raleigh.

3. Neuse River Greenway Trail

The Neuse River Greenway Trail is a scenic little gem located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The trail at Neuse River offers an excellent opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy the lake’s beauty. This place offers plenty of recreational opportunities, including biking, fishing, and boating.

Charter a bus in Raleigh and experience a stress-free trip around town!

Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is home to historic landmarks, delicious cuisines, art galleries, lush brick streets, and a lot more. You don’t want to miss out on the stunning attractions of Charleston on your day trip, and the best way to get to most of the historic city is by taking a charter bus. 

Here is a list of the top spots to visit on your charter bus day trip to Charleston, South Carolina. 

4 Top Attractions to Visit Around Charleston South Carolina with a Charter Bus

Middleton Place

Enjoy the aura of the Old South with stunning plantations and America’s oldest landscaped garden at Middleton Place. The ground of Middleton Place features magnificent pools, hedged galleries, and stunning blooms of camellias and azaleas. Learn about the generations of Middleton’s as you visit 1755 houses. 

Waterfront Park 

Relax and enjoy the scenic views of Charleston Harbor, a Waterfront Prank stretching along about 1,000 feet of waterfront. The 12 acres of the park contain a wharf, a tree-covered walkway, and a marshside walk. The giant Pineapple Fountain offers a picturesque backdrop for photos and a splash pad in hotter months. The Cooper River past the park lets you see Vendue Wharf. Stroll down the southern end of the park to enjoy the tranquil and scenic harbor. 

Kiawah Island

At about 21 miles south of Charleston, the gorgeous Kiawah Island with pale beaches and lush foliage awaits you. Enjoy Atlantic breezes while playing golf at the golf clubs of the island. Or simply relax and experience the winds of the iconic Ocean Course. Bask in the sun on the spectacular golden sand beaches of the island.            

Myrtle Beach

Go on a sugar-sand beach escape at Myrtle Beach, located around 90 miles south of Charleston. Enjoy scenic views while traveling from Charleston to the beach on a charter bus. Lay down and bask in the sun, play volleyball on the picturesque beach, or enjoy the water adventure with water sports like parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing.

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Planning a holiday to the golden sands of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina? Then you don’t want to leave the stunning attractions around the beach. 

Charter bus rental is the best way to explore surrounding areas from the beach and see more than sands on your day trip to Myrtle Beach. 

Charter Bus- A Way to Explore Spectacular Attractions from Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Below is a list of the top 4 attractions to visit on your charter bus day trip around Myrtle Beach. 

Murrells Inlet 

Add an extra oomph of tranquility to your day trip by spending a few moments at Murrells Inlet, known as the seafood capital of South Carolina. It’s 13 miles south of central Myrtle Beach where you can spend some relaxing time with sunset cruises and dolphin tours or enjoy fishing and watersports in the calm waters of the inlet. 

Downtown Conway

Located at about a 30 minutes drive from the heart of Myrtle Beach, Downtown Conway allows you to experience plenty of history with picturesque views. Take a stroll along the Riverwalk and admire the beauty of the Waccamaw River. Eat from the classy restaurants or shop from the local shops on the main street. You can also enjoy terrific shows at the Theater of the Republic. 


Visit the oldest city in South Carolina, located around 98 miles from Myrtle Beach. See the stunning landscaped gardens at Middleton Place, learn about the history of the US at the Maritime Museum, or walk down King Street with scenic views. The city also allows you to encounter local marine life at the South Carolina Aquarium or get out on the water with a sunset cruise. 

Pawleys Island

At a drive of 45 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, a slow-paced tiny island awaits you. Pawleys Island is home to astonishing sightseeing, shops, and restaurants. Visit Brookgreen Gardens to experience dazzling blooms and live oaks. Hang out at Huntington State Park to enjoy quality time at a beach, hiking trails, and Atalaya Castle. 

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Charlotte North Carolina

With the thrilling Giga coaster, stunning whitewater rivers, historical museums, and incredible shopping experience, Charlotte has it all for its tourists. 

Get on a charter bus and explore the following stunning attractions on a day trip in Charlotte, NC. 

4 Top Charlotte Attractions to Visit on a Charter Bus Day Trip 

Billy Graham Library 

Learn about the life and legacy of Billy Graham, one the America’s most popular pastors, in a library spread over 40,000 sq ft. The memorabilia exhibit, a tour of the Graham home, and the breathtaking ambiance surrounding the barn-like library are sure to offer you a memorable experience. 

NASCAR Hall of Fame 

A stop racing enthusiasts won’t want to miss. It’s an interactive attraction that honors the heritage of NASCAR while allowing you to enjoy exquisite artifacts, interactive exhibits, and enthralling race stimulators inside a high-tech venue. You can eat at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant or shop from NASCAR Gear Shop. The 150,000 sq ft Hall of Fame also homes a state-of-the-art theater.  

Discovery Place 

This science museum in Uptown Charlotte has something for everyone. See the exciting exhibition and Carolina’s largest IMAX screen. Enjoy the immersive experience of the distinctive Accenture IMAX Dome Theatre where you get a chance to explore the natural world, travel inside the human body, and even explore space. Learning about science with hands-on participation is something you will love.


One-of-a-kind attraction with thrills and chills. Carowinds entertainment park is a must-have visit for a one-day family trip in Charlotte where you can enjoy a lot of fun with stunning exhibits, exhilarating roller coaster rides, refreshing water rides, family diversions, and exciting stage shows. Ride the world’s fastest and tallest Giga coaster, enjoy a rejuvenating bath at the Boomerang Bay, and walk through a Mesozoic setting to experience a dinosaur exhibit. 

Charlotte is sure to offer you an exciting experience and ever-lasting memories. Rent a charter bus and play the day away in Charlotte, NC! 

Benefits of Using a Charter Bus for Local Sports Teams

While traveling with your sports team for a big game is an exciting experience, transporting the team can be a bit overwhelming. But now with a charter bus rental. Charter a bus to customize your travel and arrive at the game on time—calm and fresh. 

Here’s why your local sports team should charter a bus for traveling. 

5 Advantages of Using a Charter Bus for Sports Team

Customize Your Travel 

No matter if you need a small bus for a team of 10 or a large coach bus to carry a big team, charter bus rentals give you the control to customize your travel. You can choose a bus that fits your team’s size and features the amenities that you want. Comfort with peace! 

Safe and On Time

You want every team member to be on time for an away game or a sports event. With a charter bus, you can safely transport everyone to the desired location without any unwanted delays or stress. The drivers of charter buses are professionally trained, meaning they know their job and will carry you to your destination safely and securely. 

Comfort and Peace 

Charter buses have comfortable seats with ample space between rows, ensuring that you’re not being cramped and don’t arrive tired at the game. You can recline, stretch your legs, and sit comfortably, unlike in a car. Amenities like wifi and television screens keep your team entertained throughout the journey. 

Store Equipment 

Sports transportation charter buses and coaches come with overhead storage or storage under cabins, making it easy for you to carry your equipment without tucking them into the back seats. It means your equipment will be safely stored away during the journey. 

It also allows your team to bring bags and luggage with them without worrying about space to store them. A stress-free journey! 

Bonding a Team Spirit

When you travel together as a team in a charter bus, it allows you to discuss strategy or spend some memorable time together and bond as a group. This bonding can boost the spirit of your team to perform well on the field.