Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Raleigh North Carolina

Raleigh is a beautiful city that gives you a lot of fun things to do and beautiful places to sight. If you are looking for an exciting day trip, then there are plenty of options that you can explore in Raleigh—road trips, hiking trails, and enjoying scenic views to name a few. 

With the best charter bus trips in and around Raleigh, North Carolina, you can explore the area with ease and comfort. 

3 Must-see Places on Your Charter Bus Day Trip Around Raleigh North Carolina

1. JC Raulston Arboretum 

Founded in 1976, the JC Raulston Arboretum is one of the most gorgeous and diverse floral gardens in Raleigh, NC. This fascinating garden is filled with tons of gorgeous plants, trees, and flowers. 

JC Raulston is home to blue baneberry perennial, golden chain tree, twisted ton agave, and you name it. The moment you step into this botanical garden, you are surrounded by exquisite sceneries, the refreshing aromas of natural flowers, and spectacular landscape views.

2. William. B Umstead State Park

If you want to enjoy the wilderness and get out of the city for a little while, William. B Umstead State Park is your place. The oasis in this park offers an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life while allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Spending a few hours in William. B Umstead State Park will give you an opportunity to explore some of the most scenic trails and do a bit of fishing or boating. Go for a bike ride or horseback ride and enjoy some recreational activities that can't be found at one spot in any other place around Raleigh.

3. Neuse River Greenway Trail

The Neuse River Greenway Trail is a scenic little gem located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The trail at Neuse River offers an excellent opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy the lake's beauty. This place offers plenty of recreational opportunities, including biking, fishing, and boating.

Charter a bus in Raleigh and experience a stress-free trip around town!

Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Charleston South Carolina

Charleston is home to historic landmarks, delicious cuisines, art galleries, lush brick streets, and a lot more. You don’t want to miss out on the stunning attractions of Charleston on your day trip, and the best way to get to most of the historic city is by taking a charter bus. 

Here is a list of the top spots to visit on your charter bus day trip to Charleston, South Carolina. 

4 Top Attractions to Visit Around Charleston South Carolina with a Charter Bus

Middleton Place

Enjoy the aura of the Old South with stunning plantations and America’s oldest landscaped garden at Middleton Place. The ground of Middleton Place features magnificent pools, hedged galleries, and stunning blooms of camellias and azaleas. Learn about the generations of Middleton's as you visit 1755 houses. 

Waterfront Park 

Relax and enjoy the scenic views of Charleston Harbor, a Waterfront Prank stretching along about 1,000 feet of waterfront. The 12 acres of the park contain a wharf, a tree-covered walkway, and a marshside walk. The giant Pineapple Fountain offers a picturesque backdrop for photos and a splash pad in hotter months. The Cooper River past the park lets you see Vendue Wharf. Stroll down the southern end of the park to enjoy the tranquil and scenic harbor. 

Kiawah Island

At about 21 miles south of Charleston, the gorgeous Kiawah Island with pale beaches and lush foliage awaits you. Enjoy Atlantic breezes while playing golf at the golf clubs of the island. Or simply relax and experience the winds of the iconic Ocean Course. Bask in the sun on the spectacular golden sand beaches of the island.            

Myrtle Beach

Go on a sugar-sand beach escape at Myrtle Beach, located around 90 miles south of Charleston. Enjoy scenic views while traveling from Charleston to the beach on a charter bus. Lay down and bask in the sun, play volleyball on the picturesque beach, or enjoy the water adventure with water sports like parasailing, kayaking, and jet skiing.

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Planning a holiday to the golden sands of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina? Then you don’t want to leave the stunning attractions around the beach. 

Charter bus rental is the best way to explore surrounding areas from the beach and see more than sands on your day trip to Myrtle Beach. 

Charter Bus- A Way to Explore Spectacular Attractions from Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Below is a list of the top 4 attractions to visit on your charter bus day trip around Myrtle Beach. 

Murrells Inlet 

Add an extra oomph of tranquility to your day trip by spending a few moments at Murrells Inlet, known as the seafood capital of South Carolina. It’s 13 miles south of central Myrtle Beach where you can spend some relaxing time with sunset cruises and dolphin tours or enjoy fishing and watersports in the calm waters of the inlet. 

Downtown Conway

Located at about a 30 minutes drive from the heart of Myrtle Beach, Downtown Conway allows you to experience plenty of history with picturesque views. Take a stroll along the Riverwalk and admire the beauty of the Waccamaw River. Eat from the classy restaurants or shop from the local shops on the main street. You can also enjoy terrific shows at the Theater of the Republic. 


Visit the oldest city in South Carolina, located around 98 miles from Myrtle Beach. See the stunning landscaped gardens at Middleton Place, learn about the history of the US at the Maritime Museum, or walk down King Street with scenic views. The city also allows you to encounter local marine life at the South Carolina Aquarium or get out on the water with a sunset cruise. 

Pawleys Island

At a drive of 45 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, a slow-paced tiny island awaits you. Pawleys Island is home to astonishing sightseeing, shops, and restaurants. Visit Brookgreen Gardens to experience dazzling blooms and live oaks. Hang out at Huntington State Park to enjoy quality time at a beach, hiking trails, and Atalaya Castle. 

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Charlotte North Carolina

With the thrilling Giga coaster, stunning whitewater rivers, historical museums, and incredible shopping experience, Charlotte has it all for its tourists. 

Get on a charter bus and explore the following stunning attractions on a day trip in Charlotte, NC. 

4 Top Charlotte Attractions to Visit on a Charter Bus Day Trip 

Billy Graham Library 

Learn about the life and legacy of Billy Graham, one the America’s most popular pastors, in a library spread over 40,000 sq ft. The memorabilia exhibit, a tour of the Graham home, and the breathtaking ambiance surrounding the barn-like library are sure to offer you a memorable experience. 

NASCAR Hall of Fame 

A stop racing enthusiasts won’t want to miss. It’s an interactive attraction that honors the heritage of NASCAR while allowing you to enjoy exquisite artifacts, interactive exhibits, and enthralling race stimulators inside a high-tech venue. You can eat at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant or shop from NASCAR Gear Shop. The 150,000 sq ft Hall of Fame also homes a state-of-the-art theater.  

Discovery Place 

This science museum in Uptown Charlotte has something for everyone. See the exciting exhibition and Carolina's largest IMAX screen. Enjoy the immersive experience of the distinctive Accenture IMAX Dome Theatre where you get a chance to explore the natural world, travel inside the human body, and even explore space. Learning about science with hands-on participation is something you will love.


One-of-a-kind attraction with thrills and chills. Carowinds entertainment park is a must-have visit for a one-day family trip in Charlotte where you can enjoy a lot of fun with stunning exhibits, exhilarating roller coaster rides, refreshing water rides, family diversions, and exciting stage shows. Ride the world’s fastest and tallest Giga coaster, enjoy a rejuvenating bath at the Boomerang Bay, and walk through a Mesozoic setting to experience a dinosaur exhibit. 

Charlotte is sure to offer you an exciting experience and ever-lasting memories. Rent a charter bus and play the day away in Charlotte, NC! 

Benefits of Using a Charter Bus for Local Sports Teams

While traveling with your sports team for a big game is an exciting experience, transporting the team can be a bit overwhelming. But now with a charter bus rental. Charter a bus to customize your travel and arrive at the game on time—calm and fresh. 

Here’s why your local sports team should charter a bus for traveling. 

5 Advantages of Using a Charter Bus for Sports Team

Customize Your Travel 

No matter if you need a small bus for a team of 10 or a large coach bus to carry a big team, charter bus rentals give you the control to customize your travel. You can choose a bus that fits your team’s size and features the amenities that you want. Comfort with peace! 

Safe and On Time

You want every team member to be on time for an away game or a sports event. With a charter bus, you can safely transport everyone to the desired location without any unwanted delays or stress. The drivers of charter buses are professionally trained, meaning they know their job and will carry you to your destination safely and securely. 

Comfort and Peace 

Charter buses have comfortable seats with ample space between rows, ensuring that you’re not being cramped and don’t arrive tired at the game. You can recline, stretch your legs, and sit comfortably, unlike in a car. Amenities like wifi and television screens keep your team entertained throughout the journey. 

Store Equipment 

Sports transportation charter buses and coaches come with overhead storage or storage under cabins, making it easy for you to carry your equipment without tucking them into the back seats. It means your equipment will be safely stored away during the journey. 

It also allows your team to bring bags and luggage with them without worrying about space to store them. A stress-free journey! 

Bonding a Team Spirit

When you travel together as a team in a charter bus, it allows you to discuss strategy or spend some memorable time together and bond as a group. This bonding can boost the spirit of your team to perform well on the field. 

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Richmond Virginia

Richmond, Virginia, is an old city with everything from impressive parks to wild trails, fascinating gardens to exciting recreational activities. With so many travel opportunities around Richmond, there is no excuse not to explore this beautiful region. Charter buses offer a great way to get around and explore the town. 

Ready to explore Richmond, Virginia? Hop on a charter bus and take the scenic route to one of these top destinations.

3 Must-Visit Places on Your Charter Bus Day Trip Around Richmond, VA

1. Pocahontas State Park 

Pocahontas State Park is an incredible place for all age groups and types. It has it all—biking, hiking, fishing, camping, and the sky's the limit. With no storage of exciting recreational activities, this park also offers a blend of scenic views and wildlife, allowing you to capture natural beauty through your camera lens. Visit the park in the evening to enjoy picturesque sunset views.

2. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is an attractive place for tree huggers and gardeners. This garden has a plethora of beautiful plants and flower species, including spiky cactus, palms, lovely orchid houses, and alluring 60+ rose varieties. In addition to the impressive flower garden, tree houses are the cherry on top and are a fun factor for kids.

3. Rafting Adventure at James River 

Ride a rubber boat in gushing white waters at James river while sighting jaw-dropping scenic mountains and blue sky. A fun place for every level of adventurer! Get on a charter bus, stop at the James River, and enjoy a thrilling water rafting ride with your friends or family.  A memorable outdoor experience with an action-packed adventure and hassle-free fun. 

Ready to get on board? Book your private charter bus now! 

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trip Around Miami

With so many breathtaking beaches, stunning attractions, and thrilling recreational activities, it can be overwhelming to experience it all in a one-day or few days trip to Miami. Why not take a charter bus hop-on-hop-off day trip to explore Miami's magical city? So let's get on the bus!

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Miami 

Here are a few options for charter bus trips around Miami that are worth exploring. 

Plan a Joint Bus & Boat Biscayne Bay Trip

With so many land and water spots in Miami, deciding where to go first on a day trip can be challenging. How about enjoying an exhilarating sightseeing boat and bus trip to Biscayne Bay? 

Charter bus day trips are a great way to enjoy Miami's panoramic water and landscape views with your family or friends. You can travel comfortably and enjoy mesmerizing views of Biscayne Bay and its coastline while a professional driver takes care of driving and navigation.

Explore Miami in Nightlight  

Want to experience Miami's night jaw-dropping views? What better than booking a charter bus night trip? You can rest and relax on the bus while it moves from location to location. 

With a blend of sightseeing spots, sky-blue beaches, and city life, Miami offers incredibly stunning night views to its visitors. See the skyline view of the magical city from a big bus window and remember this adventure for a lifetime.

Take an Adventurous Ride to Lion Country Safari 

The best part about charter bus day trips is they offer something to everyone, from beach admirers to tree huggers. Nature lovers can board a charter bus and drive through the exotic 900 animals habitat in the Fort Lauderdale, Lion Country Safari. 

This animal park—surrounded by lush green trees and hundreds of different animal species—will give you a chance to see wildlife and enjoy spectacular views while sitting relaxed on the bus seat. Some animals stroll along your bus, giving you a closer look—and who knows, you may spot the lion king or hear the Leo roar.

Have something to add to the list? Comment below! 

4 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Atlanta

Time to sprinkle some stardust in your lives. Plan a jazzy yet fascinating activity-filled charter bus trip to Atlanta—a city filled with the hustle and bustle and never-ending spots for sightseeing.

While booking a charter bus tour can be overwhelming and a bit rushed, not with our list of best charter bus tours around Atlanta. Keep reading! 

Charter Bus Trip- An Ideal Way to Explore Atlanta in a Day

Here are 4 fabulous spots you shouldn’t miss out on when enjoying a charter bus day trip in Atlanta. 

Georgia Aquarium

Want to witness the delights of the underwater world? Georgia Aquarium is one place you shouldn't miss on your charter bus Atlanta trip. It boasts 70 different habitats, six galleries, and gazillions of sea animal species. There are dolphin shows and an exotic 3D wonder show, all about how to preserve and protect animals.

World of Coca Cola

Who doesn’t love a sip of the world-famous beverage? And then you get a chance to visit the world of that drink is like a wish upon a star come true. The world of Coca Cola is all about the precious formula and thousands of campaigns conducted by Coca Cola. A visit you shouldn't be missing.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This is one place where you can relax, learn, and enjoy simultaneously. Housing thousands of plants, including unique species, is a wonderland for any plant lover. There are themes for the park, and you can witness some gigantic, elegant exhibits to add a touch of additional delight. 

The Atlanta History Center

If you are a history buff, the historian in you needs to visit this place. It houses the history and the role the land played in shaping today’s America. You can find candid details about the movements and struggle for rights this land saw. You can also enjoy the traditional culinary delights.

Charter a tour around Atlanta today and soak in the city with all the delights!

How to Choose the Right Employee Shuttle Service for your Organization

Looking to find corporate shuttle services that is reliable and safe? Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you will want to consider using an employee shuttle service to transport your employees to and from locations safely, and on time. There are a number of different options available, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your organization. In this article, we will discuss the different types of employee shuttle services, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. 

What are the Different Types of Employee Shuttle Services?

Are you aware that there are different types of shuttle services available from charter bus rental companies? Usually when it comes to an organization, you may be considering going with a corporate shuttle service, and an employee shuttle service. What is the difference? We will discuss them below in more detail. 

Corporate Shuttle Services

A corporate shuttle service is a cost-effective way to transport your employees. This type of service will typically pick up your employees at their workplace and take them to a designated destination of your choosing. Corporate shuttle services may use charter buses, mini coach buses, or even luxury sedans and SUVs to charter their employees to and from their destination. At times, a corporate shuttle service may be hired to help business employees, due to the luxurious amenities involved, including access to WIFI and TV's. The cost of a corporate shuttle service tends to vary based on the number of passengers, any special accommodations, and the distance traveled. Corporate shuttle services are not typically hired for long term, annual use. Since corporate shuttle services may be offered by various types of companies, we recommend doing your research before choosing one.

Corporate shuttle services usually provide similar benefits to employee shuttle services; however, they do tend to be a bit more expensive. The reason is that they tend to use more luxurious vehicles, due to the nature of the business itself. Corporate bus shuttles are also not usually available across the nation, so availability may be more limited.

Employee Shuttle Services

An employee shuttle service is an even more cost-effective way to transport your employees. This type of service is designed specifically for transporting employees between their workplace and home, or to other destinations within your organization. This employee-focused approach means that the charter bus rental company you choose to go with, may offer a variety of modes of transportation, including charter bus rental, mini coach bus rental, sedans, or even trains! Since employee shuttle bus services tend to come with longer term arrangements, they may be less expensive than a corporate shuttle service. Additionally, employee shuttle services tend to be just as reliable as a corporate shuttle service, due to the types of vehicles used. Employee shuttles often also have more availability throughout the nation.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Employee Shuttle Service?

Choosing an employee shuttle service is not an easy task. Typically, when choosing an employee shuttle service for your organization, you may be considering a long-term relationship with your employee shuttle service company. This usually provides some peace of mind in knowing that you have an arrangement in place to ensure that your employees can get to and from destinations on time. You also will want to discuss the details of your shuttle service requirements, so that the charter bus rental company can make sure that they have the vehicles and staff equipped to support your employee shuttle services. There are many benefits to using an employee shuttle service. Some include:

Cost-Effective: Employee shuttles tend to be a cost-effective solution than other ground transportation solutions. When you decide to use a charter bus rental company to have employee shuttle services, you may sign a longer-term agreement with the charter bus rental company, which may give you a bit of a discount. While each charter bus rental company is different, we recommend asking questions around their price match guarantee, and discounts that they may offer, especially if you are signing a long-term agreement. Employee shuttle services also will cover the gas, and maintenance of the vehicles, giving the benefit of less wear and tear on your employees’ vehicles.

Reliable: By using a charter bus rental company to provide employee shuttle services, you typically have a more reliable ground transportation solution for your employees. Employees no longer need to worry about getting to their destination on time or making any errors when driving to the destination. Employee shuttle services are usually chartered, and that provides a higher guarantee that your employees will arrive on time to their destination. Additionally, employee shuttle services tend to use charter bus rental companies. Most charter bus rental companies will have stringent guidelines on their maintenance protocols for their vehicles and will often have their drivers trained on basic maintenance for the road. You also may have access to a 24/7 dispatch team in case something does happen with one of your employee shuttles, so that another shuttle is dispatched out, allowing your operations to continue.

Safe: Employee shuttle services are a very safe way to transport employees to and from their destination. We always recommend confirming with your employee shuttle service company on how they obtain their drivers, and any regulations that they follow. Typically, charter bus rental companies will hire drivers that are certified and are skilled within that area. They will know the region well and will provide safe routes for the employee shuttle service. They will also ensure that the bus is a safe environment and is equipped with all necessary items for the transit, and are also equipped with tools for an emergency. 

Availability: Employee shuttle services tend to be available nationwide. We usually see employee shuttle services used for hospitals, or corporate buildings, transporting customers to and from one building or parking lot to the next. With these types of arrangements, sometimes nationwide services are needed as well. Employee shuttle services are offered by numerous types of organizations as well, making it more accessible for your organization.

How Do You Choose the Right Employee Shuttle Service?

Gather your details. When you begin your journey on choosing an employee shuttle service, we highly recommend gathering all your details about your needs, number of passengers, the destinations, number of buses, special requests, and more, so that it is ready for the charter bus rental company. These details are beneficial in helping decide the type of bus you may need, the distance of the shuttle services, and any special amenities that may need to be available on board the bus. By having these details ready as well, you will receive a more accurate quote with regards to your employee shuttle service needs as well. 

Research charter bus rental companies. Not all companies are made the same, so we always recommend researching the charter bus rental reservation companies in your area, and obtain numerous quotes, so you can get the best rate. When you do your research, be sure to check if they have reputable reviews, 

 Ask plenty of questions. When you are doing your research for an employee shuttle service, make sure that you have a list of questions that will aid you in your decision. You'll want to ask questions around any special discount offerings they may have, any price match guarantees, and, what their contract or cancellation policy may be. You will want to consider asking questions about their insurance policy, dispatch services, and other benefits that will ensure that your employee shuttle services run smoothly.  

Review any agreements. Once you've chosen the employee shuttle bus service of your choice, we suggest taking the time to read through any agreements, terms and conditions, or documents that you may sign, to make sure that you are receiving exactly what you have requested. 

Enjoy your employee shuttle service! Now that you've made your decision, signed all agreements, and made your payment to the charter bus rental company of your choice, it's time to sit back, and enjoy the service that you've hired!

Overall, an employee shuttle service is a great, and cost-effective way to transport your employees. They are reliable, safe, and available nationwide. Choosing the right employee shuttle service will come down to your research, asking the right questions, and being an advocate for your budget and requirements. If you are ready to book with us, give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 or review our free online cost calculator to get an idea about the cost of your trip.


Are you considering your ground transportation needs due to a big event that you are planning for a large group of people? If you are considering planning a wedding, corporate function, or even a birthday party, then you have likely thought about how you will get you and your group will get to and from your event. When you are planning your ground transportation needs, a mini coach bus rental may be exactly what you need to make everything run smoother! Choosing the right mini coach bus rental requires a little bit of research and planning, and we're here to help! Here are five steps on mini coach bus rentals that will help you for your next event:

1. Understand more about mini coach bus rentals.

When choosing to go with a mini coach bus rental, it's important to understand its features and amenities, to determine if this is the right type of vehicle for your event. Mini coach buses tend to seat a maximum of 35 passengers. These mid-sized vehicles offer many of the same amenities as a charter bus, including, extra legroom, comfortable and luxurious seating, PA system for playing music or making announcements, large, tinted windows, and luggage storage. Mini coach buses do not typically have an on-board restroom, and other amenities, such as WIFI, outlets, and TVs may need to be requested at the time of your booking. Mini coach bus rental companies will usually have a trusted driver that will charter your event, ensuring that your passengers arrive safely, and on time. We always suggest asking about the details of your mini coach bus features, and driver, before booking any reservations.

2. Do research on mini coach bus rentals available in your area.

Planning events are a lot of fun, however, managing your budget is equally important. You don't want to over-extend yourself and your budget by over-spending on your event. One area that you can help shave costs, is by researching your mini coach bus rental options, so that you can get the best rate. We recommend by starting off with contacting a few mini coach bus rental companies in your area to get an idea of their services and pricing. Prior to contacting the mini coach bus rental company, you'll want to have a strong idea of your number of passengers, and any specific needs that they may have, so you may share those details with your mini coach bus rental company. When you provide the details to your mini coach bus rental company, they will be able to help you decide on the type of coach bus rental you may need, along with any special amenities. Be sure to ask more questions about their price match guarantee, or any special offerings or discounts they may be offering at that time to their customers.

3. Calculate your budget for your mini coach bus rental.

Each mini coach bus rental company will be different in the services and features they provide to their customers. Therefore, it's important to make sure that you find out if your quote from the mini coach bus rental company includes the driver, fuel, insurance, and more. While we always recommend that you have travel insurance in place in case something goes wrong during your trip - you also want to make sure that your mini coach bus rental is insured, and the driver is insured as well. These are important details to ensuring that your mini coach bus rental goes smoothly.

4. Choose your mini coach bus.

The hard part is done, and you've now acquired a list of mini coach bus rental companies that you are interested in possibly proceeding forward with - so now it's time to select the mini coach bus. Some mini coach buses seat a little more than others, so once you have decided your head count, along with all the features you're interested in, and have considered the price that the charter bus rental company is charging, you can identify the right mini coach bus, and company to go with! To help you with choosing the right company as well, make sure that you spend time researching their online reviews, and asking questions about their processes and cancellation policies.

5. Book your mini coach bus rental as soon as possible!

The sooner you reserve your mini coach bus rental, the easier it will be to secure a spot for your date. If you are looking to book your event during a peak season, we highly recommend trying to secure your mini coach bus rental 3-6 months in advance. If it is not during peak season months, sometimes booking 1-2 months in advance will suffice. While last-minute bookings may be possible by your charter bus rental company, it can be more costly, and stressful to try to take care of transportation right before your event. Depending on the charter bus company you've selected, you may only need to place a deposit to secure your mini coach bus rental. Either way, we suggest giving yourself some peace of mind by securing your mini coach bus rental as soon as you are able!

Choosing a mini coach bus rental company is very similar to choosing a charter bus rental company. You'll want to make sure that you have a good understanding about the details of the mini coach bus, the rental company, any price match guarantees or special discounts they are offering, and details about your driver. By gathering this information and obtaining quotes from various mini coach bus rental companies, you can give yourself the best rate possible. We always suggest booking your reservation as soon as you are aware of your event details, to give yourself the best chance at availability as well. Are you ready to decide to book with us? Please give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 or complete a free quote form online to get an estimate on your mini coach bus rental reservation by email.