Renting A Charter Bus

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    5 Things To Do In Washington D.C.

    With dozens of iconic monuments, memorials, and museums along its grassy grounds—the National Mall is understandably one of the most visited spots in Washington D.C. But if you’ve been to D.C. a few times or you’re not keen on being among massive tourist crowds, you may want to skip this bustling stretch. Instead, check out a few of D.C.’s many […]

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    Church Group Bus Charter

    Need a Bus Charter for your Church Group? We can help!    Nationwide Bus Charter not only specializes in arranging bus charters for any type of trip, but they also have vast experience in putting together bus charters for Church Groups.    In a recent experience with a Church Group, Nationwide Bus Charter received a call from the Munford Baptist Church based […]

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    What Is A Charter Bus?

    A Charter Bus is a private bus that will provide transportation to you and your party to and from your destination. Unlike a public bus, you get to determine the dates, times, and destinations of your charter bus. A charter bus also can be customized to an extent such as getting a bus wrapped for an event or promotion, onboard entertainment systems, WiFi internet access, bathrooms, etc.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Chartering A Bus?

    Have you ever had to plan an event that requires the transportation of a large group of people by bus? If so, you probably know about all the stress that goes into planning transportation and what can go wrong. This is why you will want to hire a bus chartering company.