Bus Chartering Myths


Bus Chartering Myths

To some people, chartering a bus may sound like a daunting task of coordination, or bus charters are only for long trips, and that they are uncomfortable. These three myths are totally false and we will explain why.

Myth #1

Chartering a bus is a difficult task

Setting up a bus charter is actually a very simple task. Quite the opposite of what many people think it is. There are only a few pieces of information that a charter bus company such as Nationwide Bus Charter will need from you:

  1. Your starting point
  2. Your destination
  3. Number of people you need to transport
  4. Dates

This is it. Only 4 pieces of information and your bus charter company will take care of the rest for you in a timely fashion.

Myth #2

Bus charters are only for long trips

Yes, you can certainly charter a bus for a long cross-country trip, or for a trip lasting several hours, but you can also arrange a bus charter for a very short trip. Many people will charter a bus to take a large group of people to a local destination for a day trip lasting less than 12 hours. For example, you can charter a bus to take 50 people from New York City to the casinos in Atlantic City for the day departing New York City at 9 am, arriving in Atlantic City at 11 am, and then departing Atlantic City back to New York City at 6 pm.

Another popular choice for a bus charter is to transport a large group of people from an Airport to a nearby Hotel, or even for a business to get their employees from their office to a nearby conference center for a meeting. The possibilities are endless.

Myth #3

Bus Charters are uncomfortable

This myth could not be further from the truth. Your charter bus company would never put your passengers in a position where they are uncomfortable in any way, that’s first and foremost. They will make sure they pair you and your group with a bus that can comfortably accommodate your passengers. Bus charters, especially large ones, are equipped with large plush comfortable seats that recline and have a footrest for extra comfort. They are also in most cases equipped with WiFi internet access, onboard entertainment systems, bathrooms, air conditioning, and heat. The environment on a bus charter is also much more comfortable than being on an airplane. The seats are larger, you can move around, there are fewer people, and often times there are built-in stops planned for people to get off, stretch their legs and get some real food.

Let’s Get Started!

Hopefully, we have put to rest some of the false myths around chartering a bus and you are ready to get started with your bus charter. The team at Nationwide Bus Charter is standing by to help you charter your next trip. You can visit our website at www.nationwidebuscharter.com or give us a call at 1-800-439-2015 to book your next bus charter.

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