Written by NBC Editorial on February 6, 2023

Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Bridgeport, CT

A classic example of New England charm that enjoys all four seasons, Bridgeport, Connecticut has it all from stunning seaside views to historical museums and seasonal entertainment. If you happen to be in Bridgeport during your trip to New York, don’t forget to visit these places for your charter bus day trip in the city. 

3 Top Charter Bus Day Trips around Bridgeport, Connecticut

Discovery Museum

A must-see attraction for families and science lovers where you can explore exciting exhibits with interactive experiments. For example, Science in Flight allows you to become a scientist by participating in activities like building your own rockets and using flight simulators. The Hall of Space lets you travel through space. What more? Enjoy a tree-climbing adventure at Adventure Park, right outside the walls of the museum. 

Beardsley Zoo

Get a chance to meet over 300 animals in the Beardsley Zoo. Tigers, spider monkeys, sloths, and you name it, this stunning zoo is packed with fun while offering you an easy walkable experience with its divided sections. 

Seaside Park

A beach lover? Hit the Seaside Park when you’re in Bridgeport to bask in the warmth of the sun, enjoy beach volleyball with your friends or family, or have fun sailing and kayaking. Spread on 325 acres, this park boasts crystal-clear beaches, smooth walking paths, lush sports fields, and plenty of space to stretch out. 

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Article written by NBC Editorial

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