Written by NBC Editorial on June 30, 2022

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Charter Bus Rental Company For Your Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, considering how a charter bus rental company may help, may not always be the first thought that comes to mind. Between considering all of the details of the event, the venue, your guests, the food, and more, we understand the nuances involved with planning a corporate event. It is not easy to make sure that all details are accounted for, but with the help of a charter bus rental company, it can be a little bit easier than you think. With a charter bus rental company, you may find that you can easily hand off the ground transportation aspects of your corporate event planning, making it easier on you to focus on the other aspects of your event. Here are five tips to help you choose the right charter bus rental company for your corporate event:

1. Gather the details of your trip and passengers for your charter bus rental company.

When you're ready to approach a charter bus rental company, we recommend coming to them with an idea of what you need for your event. If you already have an idea of the number of attendees to your corporate event, you may be able to identify the number of passengers you may need for your trip. You should also consider the amenities you may need on your bus. Will you need an onboard restroom? Will you need a PA System? Will you need TVs to entertain your guests? Will you need to provide Wifi to your passengers on the charter bus rental? These are all important details to consider about the type of bus you may need for your corporate event. You will also want to consider the driver of your charter bus rental, and the itinerary you may have in mind. Does your corporate event take place in a large area, where you may need to take guests from hotels to and from the event? Does your corporate event last numerous nights, or take place over the course of several locations? If this is the case, you'll want to inform your charter bus rental company, so that they can be sure to accommodate your ground transportation requirements to the best of their ability. Once you have an idea of exactly what you need, it will be much easier to obtain pricing, and find the right charter bus company that can match your exact needs.

2. Research your charter bus rental company options.

In the amount of research you will need to accomplish for your charter bus rental company, you may find that you'll initially want to research companies that specialize in corporate events. While this is a great avenue, because you may find vendors that can support various aspects of your corporate event requirements, we also encourage you to consider other charter bus rental companies that can potentially offer you better deals on specific buses or services. With each charter bus rental company that you approach, we suggest that you have a list of questions that you ask them, to make sure that they are the right choice for your corporate event. Some questions we recommend that you ask your charter bus company would be:

What amenities are on your standard buses?

What happens if something happens to a bus during our event?

Do you have a 24/7 dispatch team that I can contact in the event of an emergency?

Does your company offer a price match guarantee, or have any special discounted price offerings?

Am I able to make changes to the itinerary after I've booked my charter bus rental?

Do you have any hidden fees or service charges that I should be aware of?

By asking questions like the one above, you can gain a better understanding of the charter bus rental company's standards, and if they can accommodate your corporate event requirements. Some charter bus rental companies also have a logistics management company that can help you with aspects of your corporate event planning that you may not have realized you had access to! You can also get a free quote, or even when visiting their website, you may have access to a free cost calculator that can help you figure out if they are able to work within your budget. Our point is to make sure that when you are researching your charter bus rental company,  you ask the questions that are necessary to make sure that your corporate event goes off smoothly.

3. Ask around. Talk to other business owners and attendees of similar events about their experiences with a charter bus rental company you are considering.

Just like with networking, we highly recommend asking around to your local business owners, or other attendees to similar events about their experiences with vendors they have worked with. Most often, businesses near the event site, may be able to offer some of the best deals on foods and drinks, and at times, the transportation. Find out from local vendors what charter bus rental companies are often used for events in the area. By gaining this hands-on knowledge and experience with vendors, you can find it to be very beneficial in making a decision on which charter bus rental company could be best for your event. Additionally, many charter bus rental companies have affiliations with hotels near their drop-off and pick-up points, meaning that you can easily find a place to rest after a long day of festivities. We also make sure that you find out if the charter bus rental company has had any experience with corporate events, as it would be really helpful to make sure that you have a company that is handling everything properly from start to finish for your corporate event!

4. Be sure to ask about cancellation and refund policies from your charter bus rental company.

As much as you may have your planning in place, and all details in order, sometimes, things can happen outside of our control, and your event may need to be changed, or even canceled. While we hope that isn't something that you would have to encounter, we always suggest preparing for worst-case scenarios as well. This is why one critical detail to ask the charter bus rental companies that you are researching, is what is their cancellation and refund policy? If you need to reschedule your event for a later time,  or even modify the pick up and drop off points for your event, these details may or may not incur additional fees, so we always recommend that you find that out, so you are prepared to handle the changes. 

5. Ask plenty of questions! Hiring a charter bus rental company will add some extra costs - but be sure it's worth it!

Budgeting is so important when it comes to your corporate event, because it can easily get out of hand quickly! Adding the cost of a charter bus rental will increase your budget, but you want to make sure that it's worth it in terms of quality and reliability! One pro-tip we have is to make sure that you ask about liability insurance for your group before booking that charter bus rental! It's something that we hope never come into play, but it's always best practice to have coverage in case something does go wrong during your corporate event. Charter bus rental companies may or may not carry liability insurance, and you'll want to make sure that you are covered, should anything unfortunate happen during your trip. We also suggest to make sure that you aren't afraid to haggle if necessary! Sometimes you may find that you have some negotiating power, or can use their price match guarantee to leverage both quality and price for your corporate event. Regardless of the company - be sure that you ask as many questions as possible, so that everything is clear before signing anything!

Charter bus rentals are an excellent way to make sure that your corporate event has ground transportation for your guests that is prompt, comfortable, affordable, and reliable. To give yourself the best experience possible when booking a charter bus rental, we highly recommend asking a lot of questions, doing your research, and speaking with local vendors for recommendations and experiences. If you're ready to book with us, give us a call at 1-800-439-2015, or use our free cost calculator to get an idea of the cost of your trip. Happy corporate event planning!

Article written by NBC Editorial

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