Written by NBC Editorial on September 23, 2022

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trip Around Miami

With so many breathtaking beaches, stunning attractions, and thrilling recreational activities, it can be overwhelming to experience it all in a one-day or few days trip to Miami. Why not take a charter bus hop-on-hop-off day trip to explore Miami’s magical city? So let’s get on the bus!

3 Best Charter Bus Day Trips Around Miami 

Here are a few options for charter bus trips around Miami that are worth exploring. 

Plan a Joint Bus & Boat Biscayne Bay Trip

With so many land and water spots in Miami, deciding where to go first on a day trip can be challenging. How about enjoying an exhilarating sightseeing boat and bus trip to Biscayne Bay? 

Charter bus day trips are a great way to enjoy Miami’s panoramic water and landscape views with your family or friends. You can travel comfortably and enjoy mesmerizing views of Biscayne Bay and its coastline while a professional driver takes care of driving and navigation.

Explore Miami in Nightlight  

Want to experience Miami’s night jaw-dropping views? What better than booking a charter bus night trip? You can rest and relax on the bus while it moves from location to location. 

With a blend of sightseeing spots, sky-blue beaches, and city life, Miami offers incredibly stunning night views to its visitors. See the skyline view of the magical city from a big bus window and remember this adventure for a lifetime.

Take an Adventurous Ride to Lion Country Safari 

The best part about charter bus day trips is they offer something to everyone, from beach admirers to tree huggers. Nature lovers can board a charter bus and drive through the exotic 900 animals habitat in the Fort Lauderdale, Lion Country Safari. 

This animal park—surrounded by lush green trees and hundreds of different animal species—will give you a chance to see wildlife and enjoy spectacular views while sitting relaxed on the bus seat. Some animals stroll along your bus, giving you a closer look—and who knows, you may spot the lion king or hear the Leo roar.

Have something to add to the list? Comment below! 

Article written by NBC Editorial

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